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First Aid:

The first aid course is offered in our driving school by the experienced instructors Paul & Rachel Bernsohn. The course takes 10 hours and is 6 years valid. When teaching first-aid we provide not only the behaviour in an emergency, but also place great emphasis on prevention, so that it does not even get to the accident! To avoid losing time, the first aid course can also be completed before the 18th birthday with completion of the first-aid licence card.


  1. The theory can be learned at home on the computer with a purchased or rented CD from us. The price will then be refunded by acquiring a subscription for driving lessons.
  2. The theory-course is a 2 x 2 hour course by our experienced instructor Rachel Bernsohn. The advantage is that you get 2 months of free learning on our computer in our driving school the questions on the computer and the error will be explained immediately, this is usually the best way.


The VKU course is legally divided into 4 days at '2 hours. Here one learns by the experienced instructor Paul Bernsohn the dangers of the Street, inside and outside the villages. The VKU motivates to a defensive, environmentally friendly and responsible driving. The better the VKU is completed, the fewer driving hours are needed - this saves money!