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Driving Instruction:

By law, you do not necessarily need to take driving lessons. But in order to really learn how to drive a car, it is better if you take it under the supervision of an experienced and competent instructor. Once you're ready for the test, you will enroll for an examination. The driving instructor begins to drive with you the test routes. This is of great advantage, because so the learner already knows most occurring routes. After passing the examination you get your driving licence on probation for 3 years. Within this period you have to make 2 training phase, otherwise your driving licence will expire. This course must be taken outside our driving-school, but of course we will apply you to them.

The Building program::

Our driving school has developed a program with this the student can acquire the driving license faster and safer. The driving instructor uses this to tell the student where he is holding now and what he still needs to learn, like this he knows at all times where he is holding. After every lessons the driving instructor sums up what one has learned. This allows the learner to repeat at home what he has 'Learned' and so save some driving lessons.

Apply Now:

The 3rd examination:

No one can easily apply and pass the third test. The Student has to prove to the driving instructor that he has driven at least 3-5 examinations-test without error. After that, he will be invited together with the driving instructor to talk to the “Strassenverkehrsamt”. The test-routes which the student has driven and the preparation for this interview together with the driving instructors are very important, because only when the “Strassenverkehrsamt” issues the authorization, the learner can register for the 3rd test. With a success rate of 100% the driving instructor Paul Bernsohn has already brought many learner drivers through this all-important third test.